Benjamin Egger is an artist and artistic researcher based in Switzerland with a focus on non-human animals.

MY BODY IS BECAUSE OF DOGS @VEE | 4.7. – 3.10.2020 | Hof Blum | Froh Ussicht | Samstagern

Hofgespäche II @VEE | 13.9.2020 | Hof Blum | Froh Ussicht | Samstagern
INHERENT CROSSING @Norm – It’s not complicated | 13.3. – 27.9.2020 | Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

INHERENT CROSSING Limited T-Shirt edition by arthelps
DOGS (limited poster edition) @lapin-canard.xyz

Night vision shot of a stray puppy, Zemo Nikozi, Giorgia, 2017.


LOLEK shows a photograph of the cat Lolek. The poster is installed in public space, manifesting animal presence in an urban area.

Installation view, LOLEK, 115 x 115cm, solvent-print on blueback paper, Zurich, 2020