DISPLAYING HUMANS is a curatorial project realized at CORNER COLLEGE in Zurich. The exhibition emerges from questions about the concept of the human body in relation to the cultural construction of the nonhuman animal and its body. The exhibition shows artistic works as well as found-footage material of amateurs. The audience could also take part in the workshop «How to Act Like an Animal» by Rachel Mayeri, a cricket-concert through structure-borne sound waves by Séverine Urwyler and a lecture about the collaboration with plants by Trevor Yeung.

Workshop, How to Act Like an Animal, Rachel Mayeri, Zürich, 2015


Exhibition view, LadyLila12, Wie tanzt man richtig in der Disco?, Corner College, Zurich, 2015


Exhibition view, Corner College, Zurich, 2015


Exhibition view, Mike The Intern, What my dog does when I leave., Corner College, Zurich, 2015


Performance INTOPIA, Séverine Urwyler, Corner College, Zurich, 2015

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