DOGS is a research project started in 2017. The project investigates the connection between intimacy and co-evolution in human-dog-relationships. It examines different approaches to the co-existence with dogs – looking at various ways of living together with dogs in diverse geographical contexts. The project furthermore looks at the personal transformation of Farok – a Belgian shepherd – and Benjamin Egger.

My body is because of dogs, installation view, VEE, Hof Blum, Samstagern, 2020

Benjamin Egger and Farok, 2020


My body is because of dogs, installation view, Tyger Tyger burning bright, Guarda, 2019


My body is because of dogs, snippet, Video, HD, 14’10”, 2020


DOGS (GPS-tracking data, blue: Cäcilie, pet dog, Munich, yellow: Dinkus, stray dog, New Delhi), 841 x 1189 mm, pigmented inkjet print, 2019
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Interviewees, left: Susanne and Neo, Munich, 2018, right: Mitashi, Vyshali and Malu, New Delhi, 2018


First flashmob of the dogs of Munich, press release and poster of the demonstration, Munich, 2018