STOKES is a theatrical performance about the qualities of amateurism. It shows the vulnerability and devotion of amateurish expressions and stages the beauty of imperfection. The concept of the performance is a collaboration with Danique Wiesli. The performers are Bettina Gerber, Nathalie Lötscher, Nina Batschelet, Anna Heusler, Thomas Egger, Dina Wild, Benjamin Egger, Ellipsis (Felix Eggmann und Esther Kempf), Emilie Heinimann, Geraldine Breuleux, Jasmin Wiesli, Jonti Warris, Emma Murray and Joël von Burg.

Performance view, Theatre of the Arts, Zurich, 2013


Performance view, Ellipsis (Felix Eggmann and Esther Kempf), Theatre of the Arts, Zurich, 2013


Performance view, Theatre of the Arts, Zurich, 2013


Performance view, Nathalie Lötscher and Bettina Gerber, Theater of the Arts, Zurich, 2013


All of the performers, Zurich, 2013


Installation view, National Centre for Performing Arts, Peking, 2016

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