Swan Song

Kunsthof Zürich – 14. September 2013 | Mixer Istanbul – 22. August 2013

The Performance SWAN SONG refers to the dream of the Everything’s Possible. An amateur ballet dancer is performing repeatingly a variation of the choreography of the Dying Swan created by Michel Fokine in 1905 for the Prima Ballerina Anna Pawlowa. A speach accompanies the dancer. The words of economic optimism and the power of self-motivation are building together with the fragile performance of the dancer a space of uncertainty and hope, of up and down, of dream come true and dissatisfaction.

SWAN SONG states the beauty of the insufficiency which reveals itself in the honesty of a personal and vulnerable action. As Swan Song is a metaphorical phrase for the beauty of the final gesture or effort given just before death the performance SWAN SONG opens a space declaring the dying of our current western and patriarchal culture on one hand and approves a state of individual emancipation and the joy of imperfection on the other.

Text von Dimitrina Sevova