DER VERBUND [The Coalition] is a video installation about a loose coalition of humans and nonhuman animals in a cardboard landscape. Half of the video is shot in the exhibition space of the EWZ Zurich where the installation was shown. The other part is shot with trained animals in Germany. In the video the song «Maybe This Time» is performed by Marcel von Arx accompanied by Dina Wild on the accordion and Gregor Mägerle on the drum while Sibylle Rashad is roller-skating around them.

Der Verbund, Sequence, Zurich, 2009


Videostill, band with Sibylle Rashad, 2009


Videostill, weasel, 2009


Videostill, animals, 2009


Videostill, band, 2009


Videostill, animals, 2009


Installation view, Plattform, EWZ Zurich, 2009