Die Missbilligung der Scheisse ist metaphysischer Natur

DIE MISSBILLIGUNG DER SCHEISSE IST METAPHYSISCHER NATUR [The Disapproval of Shit Is of a Metaphysical Nature] is a public guided tour and celebration in the sewer system of Zurich. The participants are led through the sewer system by an expert. At a certain point of the journey the group holds a ceremony with a speech, singing and a distribution of flowers to the stream of feces. During the ceremony a label with the inscription «In unseren Herzen» [«In our Hearts»] is mounted on the walls of the sewer system. The label still remains there.

Bus to the sewer system, 2010


Entry to the sewer system, 2010


Ceremony, 2010


Label «In unseren Herzen (In Our Hearts)», 2010