DOGS is a research project started in 2017. The project investigates the connection between intimacy and co-evolution in human-dog-relationships. It examines different approaches to the co-existence with dogs – looking at various ways of living together with dogs in diverse geographical contexts. The project furthermore looks at the personal transformation of Farok – a Belgian shepherd – and Benjamin Egger.

Benjamin Egger and Farok, 2020


Installation view, 20 watercolors (62,5 x 88cm), 2020


Installation view with Farok, 20 watercolors (62,5 x 88cm), 2020


My body is because of dogs, installation view, VEE, Hof Blum, Samstagern, 2020


My body is because of dogs, snippet, Video, HD, 14’10”, 2020


DOGS (GPS-tracking data, blue: Cäcilie, pet dog, Munich, yellow: Dinkus, stray dog, New Delhi), 841 x 1189 mm, pigmented inkjet print, 2019
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Interviewees, left: Susanne and Neo, Munich, 2018, right: Mitashi, Vyshali and Malu, New Delhi, 2018


First flashmob of the dogs of Munich, press release and poster of the demonstration, Munich, 2018